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Raising Quality by Enriching People

MINE SKILL Foundation is not-for-profit organisation. It is committed to the enhancement of learning with meaningful assessment so that education becomes an exciting voyage of discovery. We raise quality by enriching stakeholders and believe that every child is a unique learner. We believe that the transformation must take place in teaching and learning practices if elementary and secondary schools are to remain relevant in an era when information and communication technologies will continue to expand exponentially. We promote the principles of success through shared value and goals, collective responsibility, authentic assessment, self-directed reflection, stable settings and strong leadership support.

MINE SKILL Foundation foster intrinsic motivation, ethical leadership qualities and lifelong learning; we develop foundation (life) and fundamental (soft) skills amongst professionals, educators and pupils. Our trainers have over ten thousand hours of training experience in educational and business organisations; we partner with prestigious international curriculum developers (K-12 & Vocational Skill Development) and accreditation authorities.

The name MINE SKILL is derived from Dr. Howard Gardner nine formally recognised types of intelligence:

M-Musical Music Smart S-Spatial Picture Smart
I-Intrapersonal Self Smart K-Kinesthetic Body Smart
N-Naturalistic Nature Smart I-Interpersonal People Smart
E-Existential Ultimate Issues L-Linguistic Word Smart
L-Logical Number Smart

�Every Person is Special; No Young Adult is Left Behind�

Effective School Management and Leadership Programme,Five Days CBSE Leadership Programme


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MINE SKILL Foundation offers a high powered Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) endorsed Five-Days Effective School Management and Leadership Programme for front line school managers: Principals, their deputies and their heads of departments/team leaders. The course is certified and accredited by UK Awarding Body, UK (UKAA). The programme comprises of presentations with manual, case studies, activities, videos and assessments; it provides a space for leaders to evaluate and find affirmation, a forum to debate and share, and a springboard for raising standards. Participants obtain new ideas for school leadership; given time to reflect, propose and analyse various facets of their own leadership styles.