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Raising Quality by Enriching People

Multiple Intelligence Analysis Tool

The idea of multiple intelligences has been found to be powerful medicine for the disaffection that ails our educational system today. Even common sense tells us that to reject the importance of the "non-academic" intelligences such as musical activities, kinesthetic performances, self-awareness, interpersonal understanding, visual-spatial abilities and understanding the natural world would be foolhardy. As the tide of school reform gains momentum there are a lot of high minded ideas and admonitions to "teach better" broadcast to the educational community. Where are the bridges that will span the gap from our existing model of industrial revolution education to the mysteries of what the 21st century will bring to our schools? Instruments once considered essential to the scientist of the Newtonian age have since been drastically modified, altered in function or relegated to the museum of historical curiosities. In the final analysis, there is no "objective" view of reality without accounting for the limitations, intentions, values and the effects of the observer on that which is observed and measured. The end of the myth of objectivity is not merely of academic interest, however, for it has and continues to cause untold suffering and injustice for legions of individuals and entire races that have been classified as "merely average", "subnormal", "inferior" and "uneducatable" based upon a narrow gauge concept of what constitutes intelligence.



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