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Principles & Practices


The principles and practices that best support our shared vision; and the needs of our young adults are:

  • Supporting parents in their role as primary caregivers, and sharing information of benefit to the development of their offspring.

  • Valuing play as a medium for all aspects of development and learning

  • Acknowledging and supporting children's individual learning styles

  • Valuing the arts as symbol systems through which children discover and express meaning and make sense of themselves and their world

  • Providing opportunities for discovery, learning through self-selected activities, and encouraging the development of the child's abilities to observe, perceive, explore, investigate, imagine and solve problems.

  • Valuing positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviour, so nurturing self discipline and parent-supported value systems

  • Valuing daily routines such as eating, toileting, dressing and resting as opportunities for learning and social development

  • Respecting the needs and rights of children to make choices and decisions by empowering them to take increasing responsibility for their daily routines.

  • Providing opportunities for children to develop responsibility by encouraging them to take care of their immediate environment and materials.

  • Appreciating the cultures of all children through empathetic presentation of relevant cultural activities

  • Recognizing the need for children to practise skills and extend their ideas by providing opportunities for consolidation and development experiences.

  • Establishing an enriched environment that stimulates the imagination, promotes creativity and enhances aesthetic development and an appreciation of nature.

  • Valuing and supporting staff in their work with children and families as well as in their own professional development

  • Being responsive to the needs of the community and abiding by the relevant laws and policies that relate to the provision of quality child care service.