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Like minded professional’s people from varied backgrounds, i.e. industry, entrepreneurs, etc. have joined hands with an undaunted courage to contribute to society through their own strengths.

Tejwant Chhatwal (described as a "compulsive learner"), in 2003 was introduced to Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory and was inspired to research into “Multiple Intelligences in One’s Life”. He now conducts workshops for teachers, parents, students and school administrators who are interested in implementing Multiple Intelligence Theory. With the support of Stanford University, USA and V Campus, Singapore he regularly attends the Offshore Holiday Camp for Gifted Children in Singapore which he founded in 2006, and which extends learning in three subjects, namely English, Mathematics and Quantum Physics, for children of Asia-Pacific countries aged 11 to 17. Tejwant has worked with more than three thousand institutions worldwide on various projects and is a well- known personality in the world of education. He is an empanelled member of academic experts hat advise many well-known schools in India. He has prepared an efficient method for obtaining a rich and descriptive understanding of a person's profile through his Multiple Intelligence Analysis Tool (MIAT). Indeed, MIAT has been translated into thirteen regional languages of India and also into Mandarin (China’s native language). Tejwant is an advisor to Education Promotion Society of India (EPSI) and the founder secretary of the school committee of the Education Promotion Society of India (EPSI). He is a highly effective trainer of various foundation and fundamental ( life- and soft-skill) programmes.

Dr. Diwakar Shah graduated from the Medical College of Indore in 1974 and then joined the family business of exporting medicinal plants for research work, travelling worldwide to develop new markets. His present customers are all multinational pharmacy companies. He began to supply raw pharmaceutical materials for the local market in 1980 and now represents various companies. He has been Chairman of Shri Gujarati Samaj, Indore, an association which has nine colleges and five schools with more than 24,000 students. He has held the post of President of Chemical Traders Association of Madhya Pradesh for the last three years, and is a Honorary Treasurer of Yeshwant Club, perhaps the most prestigious club in Central India.